Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Milk Thistle for Cats

Milk Thistle Benefits for cats

Although milk thistle has proven to have a history of assisting with a number of illnesses, mostly it is used for it's benefits in protecting and regenerating the liver.

Sylmarin, the main component of milk thistle has been proven to enhance cell resistance to protection from toxins along with being a powerful antioxidant.

 Sylmarin also can stimulate cellular reproduction.

Felines can definitely have the milk thistle benefits because their liver stands apart from dogs as well as human livers in that its ability to remove toxins within the body.Liver regeneration is diminished, reasons being, fewer metabolic digestive enzymes.

Most humans and dogs experience liver failure through infections, traumatic injury, and other diseases. Cats can get liver issues through infection and trauma, but may also get it from stressful conditions like cat anxiety due to changes in diet regime.

Felines can create a condition generally known as Feline Hepatic Lipidos (Fatty liver Disease) if nutrition has ceased after only a short time. Stray or abandoned cats are definitely vulnerable to this disease and there is  natural supplements that can greatly benefit with in these circumstances.

Feeding your cat a balanced diet is very important in maintaining a healthy liver. Diet will be the key to a cats healthy liver. Feeding them a balanced diet regularly is the best solution to prevent Fatty Liver Disease.

Herbal and natural supplements can strengthen liver function

and benefit the liver cope with disease. To assist in digestive system balance.

Probiotics is often a supplement used to decrease inflammation.  Antioxidants and Omega-3fatty acids, which is contained in fish oils are strong anti-inflammatory.

Try cooking up calves or chicken livers once a week to supplement their diet. That is one way to " feed the liver" and maintain your Rescued cats health.  The (FDA) has done extensive testing on making it one of the few natural supplements it approves for reducing liver disease and stress.

Milk thistle for cats is used for treating chronic hepatitis, (liver inflammation) hepatic lipidosis, inflammation of tissue surrounding the bile duct, known as pericholangitis, in addition to cholangitis (bile duct inflammation). Recognized to also thin the bile to prevent gallstones. 

If your cat has liver problems and you would consider to use a safe natural remedy, milk thistle might be the solution for your cats problems.

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